The job of being a landlord can be challenging. Between keeping the rental unit up to legal standards and securing an ideal tenant, this position can simply be overwhelming. There are a number of reasons the landlord may need an attorney like one from J D'Agostino & Associates, P.C. to assist in fighting a legal dispute with a tenant as well.

Injuries on the Property

Accidents happen regardless of how much care the landlord may have placed into providing a safe home for the tenant. One common reason a landlord needs an attorney is if he or she is facing a lawsuit based on an injury on the rental property.

Listed below are instances where the landlord may be liable:

• The injury happened due to the negligence of the landlord.

• The tenant informed the property owner of the need for repairs, yet he or she didn't address the problem.

Evicting the Tenant

The person renting your property is required to abide by your rules and guidelines as long as these do not show discrimination against the tenant.

Listed below are common types of behavior that may cause the landlord to evict a tenant:

1. The tenant's failure to pay the rent in a timely manner.

2. Property damage is done by the person renting the property.

3. Failure to abide by the landlord's guidelines, such as having a pet when the lease states that no animals are allowed in the home.

4. When the tenant causes problems for people in the neighborhood on a regular basis.

Evicting a tenant will require the proper legal steps to be followed, and this should be done with the assistance of an attorney.

Discrimination Lawsuit

Being a property owner means abiding by the rules that are set forth to protect the tenant. One of these laws involves The Fair Housing Act. It states that potential or current tenants should not be discriminated against based on their color, race, religion, or sex.

If a landlord is facing civil litigation based on discrimination, he or she should immediately consult with an attorney to receive guidance throughout this process.

Breach of Contract

If the landlord neglects to fulfill his or her obligations to the tenant and requires him or her to leave the rental property before the lease is over, this is legally referred to as a breach of contract. Violation of the terms and conditions listed on the rental agreement can lead to legal action being pursued.

Finally, work to avoid any of the situations listed above when renting property to prevent the expense of an attorney and the conflict that is involved.