Living an adventurous lifestyle means that injuries sometimes happen, and you've learned that all it takes is a skid on a trail to turn your whole world upside down. When the accident was someone else's fault, however, it is important to take your personal injury claim seriously. While you might see nothing wrong with sharing that crazy gash on social media or showing the world that your tough enough to move on to your next adventure, your online activity could hurt your case. As you work with your personal injury lawyer, use these strategies to avoid ruining your case with an errant posting.

Avoid Posting Anything Related To the Accident

As you've learned, many things can be misconstrued on social media. While photographs from the accident scene can be great for proving your case, it is better to let your lawyer decide what will be shared in court. Stick to showing off your injuries to your friends in person, and be cautious about posting new photos that make it seem as though you are fully healed. For instance, the other party's lawyer could use images of you back on the motorbike to prove that you are no longer dealing with pain and suffering from your previous accident.

Do Some Digital Clean Up

It is also possible for your past posts to come back to haunt you. This typically occurs if an insurance company or lawyer finds comments that you previously posted complaining about a similar injury or pain in the location that you have now been injured. Read through your past posts and remove anything that even remotely sounds like you may have a preexisting condition that could be used against you. For example, your claim about how sore your back was after that white water rafting adventure could now be used by someone else to try and demonstrate that your pain is not due to being hit by a car while cycling through the city.

Double Check Your Privacy Settings 

It is always best to keep your social media accounts locked down tight. Yet, it is also normal to love sharing your outdoor adventures with others. For the time being, adjust your privacy settings to the strictest levels so that only the people you know have access to your comments. Then, Google yourself to see what comes up. This way, you have the full picture of what someone else might find online.

For the time being, it is important to scale down your social media posts to ensure that you are fully compensated for your social media claim. When in doubt about how a post might affect your case, just check with a personal injury lawyer like Greg S. Memovich before you click submit on that status update.