Those who are riding a bus can be exposed to the same level of risk as those who are using any other mode of transportation. However, there are also issues that are unique to the use of public transportation. 

Bus Hazards

Buses are much more likely to suffer from a tip-over or roll-over accident. Some bus riders may be concerned that buses often do not come with the same safety features as cars, such as a seat belt. However, the size of the bus usually makes passengers even more safe because of the level of protection that the bus provides. However, when a serious accident does occur, the lack of safety features can lead to serious injuries.

Determining Fault

When you have suffered an injury on a bus, the injury may be the result of negligence by the bus driver. The injury may also be the result of negligence by another motorist. If the accident was caused by a motorist or if the bus is operated by a private company, filing an insurance claim is the same as filing a claim after any other type of accident. However, if the bus is operated by the government, you will need to file a claim to the government entity itself since governments are self-insured. You will have to file the claim within a short period of time in order for it to be accepted.

Filing A Claim

When you are filing a claim against the government, you must include the the claim is being made against an employee, agent or officer of the state or is being made against a state body. You must provide a description of the time, location and circumstances that lead to the claim needing to be made. You will also need to include the name and address of the individual who is making the claim. File the claim as soon as possible. While states vary regarding time limits, the sooner you file the claim, the less likely you will run into problems. However, in some states, there are extensions for those who have suffered fatal injuries and loved ones did not have time to file a claim. 

It is highly recommended that you hire a personal injury attorney if you are battling a case involving a public bus accident. Oftentimes, an investigation must be performed to determine if the bus driver is fatigued, whether the bus was properly loaded and various other factors that can increase your odds of winning a case. Click here to continue reading more about personal injury.