Two people can suffer similar injuries in an accident, say an open head wound or a fractured arm, but their rate of healing won't be the same. Here are some of the reasons your counterpart may heal faster than you:

Their Overall Health Is Good                           

Your overall health is one of the most important factors that determine how fast you can heal. This is mainly because your overall health is connected to your immunity, and a strong immunity is necessary for accelerated healing. For example, if you are suffering from diabetes and have also suffered a broken limb, the low immunity (due to diabetes) increases your risk of developing an infection, which may prolong your healing.

They Are Young

Young people generally heal faster than older persons. There are many reasons for this, including the faster regeneration of their tissues and their immunity is generally strong. This is why a teenager who suffers an ankle fracture is likely to heal faster than an octogenarian who suffers the same fate.

They Got Prompt Medical Attention

If two people suffer the same accident and seek their first treatment at different intervals, the one who gets treated first is likely to heal faster than their counterpart. Seeking fast treatment ensures early diagnosis, which means you will be able to start taking drugs or managing your condition before it worsens. For example, something as simple as a shallow cut on the skin can turn deadly it's not promptly taken care of and it gets infected.

They Aren't Stressed Out

There is evidence that psychological stress delays physical healing. The effect occurs in more ways than one. For example, psychological stress can lower your immunity, and hampered immunity leads to a slow healing rate. Stress also reduces the inflammatory reaction of the body to wound injuries, which also prolongs the healing phase.

They Are Eating Well

Good nutrition is also necessary for accelerated healing; it is the food you eat that supply your tissues with the energy they need to regenerate and the nutrients to do so. For example, protein is required for building new tissues, so if your diet is deficient in protein, any healing that requires the creation of new tissues will be affected.

The above factors show that you shouldn't base your rate of healing on another person's healing time even if you have comparable injuries. This also means you should not hurry into sending your demand letter because you think you have healed as much as it possible under the circumstances. Wait for your doctor's prognosis before sending your accident claim to the responsible party. For more information, contact companies like Monohan & Blankenship.