If there is anything that could make a car wreck seem worse, it is the realization that the driver who hit you did not have any insurance. You may not even consider that in many cases, no matter who is insured, the compensation available from insurance carriers is often inadequate. You are entitled to so much more, so take a look at what you can expect to happen if you rely on insurance alone.

Medical Expenses

Most insurance policies cover a good amount of medical care, whether it's your own policy or the other guy's. In some instances, however, you may find the coverage inadequate. Medical treatment costs have skyrocketed and many are shocked at how much the simplest procedure can cost. All insurance medical coverage has its limits, and you may find yourself left with exorbitant bills that were not paid at the end of the day. To ensure that all charges will be paid, you may need to file a personal injury suit.

Property Damage

Insurance is pretty good at making sure that your vehicle is repaired or that you are compensated to buy another one. You may be surprised, however, to find that the amount is not enough to replace your car with a new one. Additionally, insurance may not cover the many smaller forms of personal property damage, like a child car seat, clothing, loss or damage of electronics and cell phones, and more.

Lost Wages

Most insurance polices do not compensate accident victims for lost wages. If you should add up the amount of time you missed from work due to the accident, medical treatment, dealing with transportation issues, picking up medications and recuperating at home, you will get some idea of what you are owed for this particular type of monetary damage.

Pain and Suffering

The effects of an accident on you and your family can be one of the greatest burdens in a personal injury suit, but compensation is only available to you if you look beyond what the insurance company offers. While you might consider pain and suffering to primarily be concerned with the mental trauma of the accident, it is in fact viewed quite differently by the insurance companies and by personal injury lawyers.

This form of damage is calculated by taking the dollar amount of your medical expenses and multiplying it by a certain factor. Then other forms of damages are added in, such as your vehicle, lost wages, future predicted medical expenses and more. That number then sets the amount that you may be offered from the insurance company to settle your claim outside of court.

To learn more about how insurance falls short of your needs, talk to a personal injury attorney today.