The holiday season can be one of the most dangerous times of the year to travel abroad. In order to keep safe during the holidays, some families tour the United States on their vacations. Although traveling domestically may seem like the safest way to enjoy the holidays, it can still be just as dangerous as traveling abroad. If you received injuries on your tour, follow the tips below to see if you can obtain compensation for your health and monetary losses.

Contact the Tour Guide Operator's Insurance Carrier

If the owner or operator of the tour guide car or bus company has insurance, contact their insurance company to see if you can file an accident claim. The tour guide operator should provide insurance coverage for each of their vehicles. However, the amount of coverage the operator has available may depend on how many passengers their tour vehicle carries.

For example, if you and your party used a 15-passenger vehicle for your tour, the minimum coverage amount for that vehicle should be around $1,500. Vehicles that carry more than 15 passengers may require $5,000 or more in coverage to stay operational. If the operator's insurance company denies your claim, contact a tourist car accident attorney. An attorney may be able to establish a claim against the tour operator on your behalf.

Ask a Tourist Car Accident Attorney to Represent You

An attorney will need to learn more about your tour guide accident before they file your claim. A tourist car accident lawyer may investigate the tour guide company or operator to see if they have a past history of accidents. Some operators hire unsafe drivers to man their vehicles during holiday tours and other special events. The drivers may lack the proper skills and training to operate specialty vehicles, or they may suffer from health and physical problems that prevent them from using sound judgment on the road. 

If a personal injury attorney uncovers a problem with the company or operator, they may take steps to file a claim with insurance company. The insurance company may choose to honor the claim right away to avoid going to court. If the insurance company refuses to honor your claim or blames you and the other tourists for the accident, an accident attorney may take them to court. If you help with your car or bus tour accident, contact a tourist car and motorcycle accident attorney for more information today.