As many as 50 million people get hurt in car accidents each and every year. These injuries can change the course of your life in addition to hurting your ability to earn income, even if temporarily. What's more, you will need to replace your vehicle if it is damaged in a wreck. With all of these variables in place, you will need a plan of action -- and an auto accident lawyer that can help you through the legal system and any settlements. 

Follow these tips to get your case off the ground and find the help that you need. 

Go to an Urgent Care Center For a Full-Body Examination

The best thing you can do following a car wreck is get in touch with an urgent care facility. When you go there, you'll get a total body examination to make sure that medical professionals can diagnose any issues with your brain, neck, and back, as well as any other common injuries that take place following a wreck. In many cases, it can take a few days for pain to occur because your adrenaline is still pumping. 

When you get an exam, you need to be sure that you use these records to follow through with any sort of medical treatment that you need. Whether this means getting chiropractic adjustments or surgery to help you overcome a more serious injury, it all starts with an initial exam.  

Use Your Medical Bills and Information From the Wreck to Build Your Case

After getting an exam, it's important that you take the time to prove your case. Speak to an auto accident lawyer that can assist you in paying for everything, from your initial urgent care visit to the months or years of physical therapy that you might need to heal after an accident. They'll also help you recover damages that stem from emotional stress, and any income that you miss from work while you're healing and recovering from the accident. 

On top of checking your auto accident law firm with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), make sure that you vet the lawyers and get some references to know you have an advantage in the courtroom. If your case doesn't go to court, as is the case with most auto accidents, be sure that your lawyer has a strategy to negotiate settlements. 

Follow these points to make sure that you get the help you need following a car accident. For more information, you can contact legal professionals like those at Curiel & Runion, PLC.