A truck accident is not the same as a car accident. Of course, there are similarities, but if you approach a truck accident exactly the same, you could lose out on compensation. Here's how the claims are different.

Vehicle Size Changes Injuries

A large truck can cause a lot more damage than a personal car. This often results in higher medical bills and a higher likelihood of long-term consequences. However, this is more than just a matter of asking for more money.

More serious injuries often require a higher level of proof in court. You will likely need a doctor to testify to the extent of your injuries and how they will affect you over your life. Your expert witness may also need to predict your future expenses related to your accident so that you can receive compensation for those as well. Remember, you only get one chance to go to court.

Commercial Vehicle Regulations Change Your Proof

There are additional safety regulations that truck drivers and other commercial drivers potentially have to follow. That gives you additional ways to potentially prove your case if you know what to look for.

For example, you could be in a dispute over who changed lanes. Proving that the driver was tired could help you win that dispute. Commercial truck drivers have limits on the hours they can drive and have to keep logs showing that they got adequate rest. If the logs show that they were overworked, you can claim that the accident was caused by their tired driving.

The Other Lawyers Will Be More Experienced

Since insurance companies who work with truck companies will usually be paying larger claims than personal car insurance companies, they will usually hire more experienced lawyers. Truck insurance companies don't want to pay any claims they don't have to, and their lawyers may force you to prove your case and fight hard in settlements. You will want a lawyer with the experience to match theirs.

Police May Be Reluctant to Cite Truck Drivers

Even a minor traffic ticket can end or seriously hurt a truck driver's career. Therefore, police are often reluctant to cite truck drivers even when they would have cited a car driver with the same evidence. That could leave you having to find evidence on your own instead of having a police report to rely on.

To learn more about how a truck accident is different and how it affects your case, contact a local truck accident lawyer today.