While most dogs are friendly and loyal, they can bite when they feel threatened. This isn't a pleasant experience because the pain caused by these bites can be excruciating and may even require surgery. You may suffer from finger amputation, blindness, scarring, or infection. You may also be left with psychological issues that may require you to seek the services of a therapist. Most of the time, the dog owner is liable for the harm caused by their pets if they didn't put safety measures in place to prevent them from biting people. If you're a victim of such a traumatic experience, you should contact a personal injury lawyer because they're experienced and have all the resources needed to help you pursue your case. They'll also guide your steps and ensure you obtain the highest award possible. Here are the main procedures they'll take you through:

Filing a Report

After a dog bite, you'll need to file a report. This is vital because it will show that the dog's owner is responsible for your damages. A lawyer can assist you with the filing. They'll find out if the dog has a history of being aggressive or if it has caused harm to another person in the past. The information obtained from this investigation will help them draft a credible report that will increase your chances of being reimbursed.

Documenting Injuries

If you want to get the right amount of compensation after a bite, you'll have to prove to the necessary authorities that the attack has hurt you. To do this appropriately, you'll need legal help. A lawyer can take several photographs that clearly depict the magnitude of your injuries. They'll also establish if the wounds have caused chronic pain or made you skip work. Using this information, they'll fight for your rights and get you a favorable reimbursement for your injuries.

Medical Help

Whether your injury is severe or not, it's advisable to seek medical assistance to prevent issues from arising in the future. Lawyers can connect you to doctors who will examine your condition and write a detailed report. You can use the write-up to prove to a court or insurer the extent of your damages. Seeking medical help early can also protect you from severe infections that may result later on.

If you are a dog attack victim and are planning to seek reimbursement, it's advisable to contact a personal injury lawyer. These attorneys are conversant with dog laws and can help you obtain a favorable reimbursement. Contact a law firm like Borbi, Clancy & Patrizi, LLC to learn more.