If you've been involved in a car accident, here's what you need to find out. 

How Much Insurance the Other Driver Has

Even though you're supposed to exchange insurance after a car accident, it's rare that you know how much coverage the other driver has or even the specific coverage the other driver has. Most insurance companies tell people not to give out this information after an accident. The reason insurance companies try to keep this secret is that it's common for people to try to sue for the maximum insurance coverage regardless of the limits. However, knowing the insurance coverage is also important to deciding how to handle your case.

If the insurance company offers to settle for the policy limits and the other driver has no other assets, it might be a good offer. If your injuries are more than the limits and the other driver has assets you can file against, it might be worth going forward with your lawsuit.

When you schedule an injury legal consultation, your car accident attorney can help you find the information you need.

The Other Driver's Driving History

The fact that another driver was in an accident before doesn't automatically prove fault in a current claim. It can still be useful information though. One thing driving history can do is help you find other evidence. For example, you may not think to check whether the other driver was working all night unless they were in a previous crash caused by them not getting enough sleep. You can also use a driver's driving history to impeach their claims or defenses. For example, if the other driver claims to be a perfect, safe driver, you can then introduce their previous traffic tickets to show that isn't true.

The Law of Your Accident

Of course, another really important reason to schedule a personal injury legal consultation is to make sure you understand the law. It's not always obvious. For example, you might think you were at fault for an accident if you ran a stop sign or even if you stopped but pulled out in front of another driver. However, if the other driver was speeding, the law might say that the other driver is at least partially responsible for the accident—even if you also broke the law. Since most accidents have some sort of gray area, you should never assume or admit fault until you talk to a lawyer.

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